Day Tour


Our general mantra is “Cotton Kills!”  That might be a little extreme, but it is best to avoid cotton if possible in your clothing and sleeping bags.  Cottons retains no thermal capacity when wet and takes forever to dry once it is wet.  Polypropylene, wool, silk and other synthetic fibers are great.

    • Hot Tip:  Go to Goodwill and pick up some old dress clothing (i.e. dress slacks, long sleeve button down dress shirts, etc.).  They make great trail clothes!

“Wet shoes” (Your feet and lower leg, at least up to your knees will get wet, guaranteed! Sandals, aqua socks and rubber boots are all okay.)
Non-cotton pants, which can get wet or can be rolled up, or shorts with long johns/tights. (those old dress slacks work great here!)
Non-cotton long sleeve shirt
, good for sun and wind protection. (the old dress shirt fits well here!)
Layers – a T-shirt is good if it gets sunny, but bring a heavy wool or synthetic shirt or sweater and a rain jacket.
Stocking Cap
– again, no cotton.  This will make the single biggest difference in your warmth on the water and in camp.
Brimmed Hat
 and sunscreen to protect from sun.
Gloves (optional) if you have poor circulation or are going to be out for a longer period of time.
Sunglasses with a strap.
Fun Loving Attitude!

Wild Harvest Trips:  Harvesters, make sure you purchase (ahead of time), a Shellfish/Seaweed License ($14) from any local sporting goods store or marina before you come! GET A COPY OF FREE REGULATIONS, too. You can’t harvest without a license.